Increasing Demand for High Color Quality

Mon, 07/09/2018 - 22:06

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) represents the ability of a light source to reproduce object colors as if they were being seen in daylight. In other words, high CRI lighting brings out more accurate and natural colors. LED technology has advanced enough so that LED lighting now gives the same appearance to objects as if in daylight.

 Downlights Go Natural

Downlights Go Natural

The LED Lighting Facts       Program is a U.S.     Department of Energy   initiative to encourage LED   lighting manufacturers to   provide product performance   information on the label.   There are now 63,000   products from 2,900 partners   registered on its database.

 Of these 63,000 products,   there is a noticeable trend in   downlighting toward higher   CRI: the proportion of high   CRI (≥90) products   increased  significantly from   4% to 49% between 2013   and 2017. This surge seems   to have been driven by   market demands for more   accurate rendering of natural   color, as downlights are   mostly intended for   residential and hospitality   applications.